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Where’s the $ 7 million?

Congresswoman Gwendolyn Garcia questions DOT's star rating program, asks House Committee on Tourism to look into disbursement of funds

DOT USEC Maria Victoria Jasmin feigns ignorance over disbursement of $7.1 million grant

Consul Exposes Possible $7 Million "Napoles-style" anomaly in Tourism. Government of Canada, are you paying any attention to where your taxpapers' money is going?

DOT Still Refuses to Explain How Canada's $7 million grant Evaporated

DoT official quizzed: Where did $7-M Canadian grant go?

DOT's Hotel Star Rating System

DOT Star Rating System Suspended

DOT's hotel star rating program a waste of funds. Solon files resolution for House Committee on Tourism to conduct inquiry

House Resolution 2503 to probe DOT's implementation of hotel star rating system

DOT's hotel star rating system faces mounting criticism. International hotel consultant calls scheme impractical and unnecessary

In face of mounting opposition, DOT Secretary admits hotel ratings program is "far from perfect"

DOT Tries to Appease Critics by Offering to Hold "Dialogue", but Insists It Will Go Ahead No Matter What. Is that Dialogue or Monologue?

Despite Many Fatal Deficiencies, DOT Insists It Will Push Full Implementation of Hotel Star Rating Program

Plantation Bay statement on DOT's hotel rating plan

Plantation Bay Reacts

Hotel, resort owners slam DOT rating project

DOT slams critics of new star rating system for hotels, resorts

Hotel star rating roils tourism industry

Red Flags in DOT's Budget

COA questions P1.2-B contracts for tourism campaign

‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’ campaign violated procurement rules finds state auditor

Red flags in DOT budget, PH tourism

COA to DOT officials: Refund P162-M illegal perks

DOT's It's More Fun in the Philippines Campaign

Manila hotel occupancy rates fall short of expectations despite government marketing blitz

Tourism under Aquino: ‘More fun’ or too ambitious?

Copycat? Departmet of Tourism bungles tourism poster once again

Philippine tourism in second copycat ad row

It’s More Funny in the Philippines

New DOT slogan sparks debates

It's More Fun in the Philippines: Really?

Why we don’t need to emphasize that it’s more fun in the Philippines

Opinion (national and local dailies)

Is it still more fun in the Philippines?
Wilfrido V.E. Arcilla

‘The fault in our stars’
Cito Beltran

Reaching for the stars
Rey Gamboa

Expensive act of rating hotels
Elias Espinoza

The DOT rating the hotel/ resort industry. Why?
Bobit S. Avila


Official website of the DOT regarding this project

Link to the announcement re: CIDA/ADB grant$71MgrantfromADBCIDA.aspx

PDF of DOT's National Accommodation Standards – Resorts

PDF of DOT's National Accommodation Standards – Hotels

Understanding the Philippine Star Rating System

Philippine Star Rating System's Anticipated Questions

Number of Accommodation Establishments and Room Per Region, Province and City/Municipality, 2014

Philippines is the Only National Government in the World to field Untrained Agents (many unemployed, others mid-level staff in marginal hotels) to use their personal judgment to grade hotel "quality" and hand out Hotel Star Ratings.

UK government pulls the plug on hotel star rating programs

Tourism slumps, hotel stars in Norway dumped

The Canadian system (the donor) is voluntary and carried out by a private sector, not the national government.

The rating system in Europe is also simpler, does not allow for much personal judgment, and is implemented by the private sector, not the Government.

In the US, the Government is not involved in hotel star ratings at all.

Visit Scotland and Visit England's systems are also objective. Evaluators are not required to rate condition, design, value, food variety, "designer" quality, etc.

Ireland is the ONLY national government that dares to meddle with hotel star ratings, and at least its system is objective and requires no personal judgment.

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